This one is long, we know. We think it's important!

Appliances--they are an important aspect of your investment property. You invested the money; the resident will be relying on them.  We went to expert resources for some insights on appliances. We think the tips (courtesy of Excel Appliance) and the chart (courtesy of Mr. Appliance) are a good starting point!

Maintenance Tips:

(We're sharing these with your residents as well!)

We should also add a number of these are included in our resident cleaning instructions and vendor requirements and Mike frequently inspects these areas when in the properties!


  • At least once a year take a vacuum and clean the condenser coils, over time they build up lint and dust and could cause the unit to overheat.
  • Change the water filter every 6-12 months depending on how often you use the water/ice.
  • Be sure to keep the refrigerator at a minimum of 2 inches away from the wall, if the unit is pushed up against the wall the unit could also over heat.


  • Recommend to use store bought range safe cleaner to clean the inside of the unit rather than using self-clean mode. We have come across quite a few homeowners that have used the self-clean option and their door gets locked shut or either some of the internal wiring has shorted out due to the high temperatures of self-clean mode.


  • Clean inside often with microwave safe cleaner to avoid grease build up, once grease or food debris start to build up on the inside it could chip away the paint and cause the unit to arch.
  • Change or clean the grease filters under the microwave at least once a year to again avoid grease build up from getting into the internal components of the microwave and shorted out wiring or other parts.


  • Highly recommend running dishwasher cleaner such as CLR or dishwasher safe cleaner through unit every 3-6 months depending on how much the unit is used to help maintain and prevent hard water build up.
  • Even though a dishwasher is supposed to clean your dirty dishes, be sure to rinse off heavy food particles as they could damage or clog the motor and the pump of the unit.


  • Not many know this but they do sell washer cleaner, which can come in handy especially for the front load units. The cleaner will help prevent mold build up and foul odors within the unit.
  • If you own a front load I highly suggest after use leave the door open slightly to let the unit air dry, the front load units have a tendency to build up mold quicker than the top loads.
  • Never over load the unit as this will cause the suspension and frame parts of the unit to wear down or out which could then cause larger problems with the tub/basket.


  • Clean lint filter after every load to avoid lint building up within the unit.
  • Have exhaust vent that goes out of the home cleared or inspected at least once a year, if vent gets too clogged it could cause the unit to not heat and also cause other components to short out.<;
  • Take off front cover and inspect to see if there is any lint build up within the unit, if lint starts to build up within the unit around the heating element it could become a fire hazard.

We asked Excel to weigh in on manufacturers and reliability. Here's what they had to say:

Most reliable manufacturers:

  • Whirlpool
  • GE

These two manufacturers are the most reliable and get you the most for your money. With the newer brands such as Samsung and LG that we see quite often, we are finding that we see fewer repairs that are needed on the Whirlpool and GE brands compared to others. Of course every manufacturer will have their issues/failures over time but in our experience the repairs completed on Whirlpool and GE seem to be simpler and more cost efficient compared to other brands.

Purchasing Tip: The features that are coming out on appliances can be very tempting; from experience try and steer away from features you know you do not need. The extra features will not only add to the cost of the unit but the chances of the unit failing are higher due to the added parts and technology within the unit. We suggest keeping it simple when making an appliance purchase. If you have the option to purchase an extended warranty, take advantage of it.

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