What our clients are saying

"Best Property Manager I have had since I began leasing over 10 years ago. Very active communication, fast response to maintenance requests. Never had a negative concern in the 3 years I lived at their property.""

Steve P

"FPM has been caring for my properties for decades. I never have a worry. FPM is responsive and honest. I wish they had offices in every city and state."

Barry Wood, Broker, GRI,CRS,CFA,CDPE

"Only one word-Fantastic service and great employees."

Wayne Copeland

"We rented a home in Middleburg for 2 years. Every time we had a maintenance issue we received a call from someone within a day or two to resolve the issue. Never had any issues during this time. Upon moving out we followed their move out list and made sure to cover all items were cleaned which is resulting in a full refund minus the rekey, which we have paid every time we have rented from other places. We treated this house as our home and made sure to return it in that condition, others have reported bad comments but to me as long as you leave it as good or if not better then you moved then there should be no issues. Thanks for allowing us to live in the property my Family will miss it but glad to own our own home!"

Elizabeth Tucker

"Should anyone have need of property management services, I would highly recommend FPM Properties. They are among the most effective and responsive real estate professionals I have ever dealt with over the past four years. First Place is also very easy to work with on any issue one may have with regard to locating tenants to lease your home, or if you are looking for a house to rent yourself. Being 500 miles away, I never lost a moment’s sleep know that the folks at FPM Properties were in charge of renting and maintaining my house in Jacksonville Beach. I really cannot recommend them highly enough."

John Lindsay

"Thank you for being proactive! FPM Properties has been in constant communication with me, and I really appreciate you guys!"

Anissa Y. Becherair

"Makes property management a breeze for me as the owner. Handles all issues and communications with the tenant. imely communications with me as owner when necessary."

Cheryl Keeney

"My fiancé and I have been renting an FPM property since June. So far, they have been incredible to work with. They’re easy to get in touch with, answer questions within 24 hours, and any maintenance issue we’ve had was resolved within a week (although we luckily have yet to have any emergent problems). They’re simple to work with, the portal makes billing easy, and the rent is not overly-inflated like other places, and we have been more than happy to pay on time every single month because of it. Tim has been on standby at every turn and was more than willing to address and correct any concerns we had prior to moving in. When we requested for changes to our contract prior to signing, they were happy to work with us in making it happen. The marketing department sends out engaging and informative content I actually enjoy reading. FPM has felt more like a consulting relationship than strictly all-business, and I mean this in a good way. I’ve had my own horror stories with property management companies, and have read about plenty of them with other companies in Jacksonville, but I have been very impressed with this team. Definitely pricier upfront with the security deposit and such, but you get what you pay for and we haven’t regretted going with FPM at all. Our home is in the perfect location for what we need and feels like ours despite it being a rental. That combined with a great neighbor (also an FPM tenant) that we’ve had the opportunity to build a relationship with has made our experience great. I would strongly recommend!"