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September 1st

System - Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Property Management Blog

So, the eviction moratorium…. was extended again. We “get” that individuals need to keep their housing at this time but what about the needs of the property owner? We’re not commenting but raising the question…and we’re doing it by sharing some articles on the subject: 

Is 2020 over yet?

System - Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Property Management Blog

No, we’re only half way there and just 45 days or so into hurricane season…so it’s easy to get dejected.

This year has been the toughest yet—not just for property management, property owners and residents but EVERYONE. We all have lived some aspect of this and continue to navigate this unsettling landscape.

We choose to focus on what can be extracted from all this that is encouraging ion the property management arena, especially in NE Florida and at FPM Properties.

We continue to observe safety protocols; masks, gloves and shoe protective wear + hand sanitizer for every property visit that we can safely execute. We have materials in our vacant properties to insure everyone can practice safety measures as well. 

Our marketing and safety efforts must be paying off as we keep renting properties despite Covid 19 limitations.  It hasn’t stopped our progress!

In most cases, residents are paying rent; thus, we are collecting it. It may be taking a little longer in some cases but overall, our average of unpaid rent is significantly lower than the national average. We attribute this to efficient & effective screening tools and communication as well as a testament to our local circumstances in Jacksonville. 

It sounds cliché, but things could certainly be worse. We’re thankful for what has gone well thus far…

July Blog

System - Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Property Management Blog

As we reach the mid-ish point of the year and head into a national holiday weekend, there is a lot to reflect on since 2020 began.  We doubt very many, if any of us, anticipated this place and time as we rang in the new year 12-31-19. 

It has been tumultuous to say the least. Struggle seems to be the hallmark of this year so far: struggle to maintain, be heard, be understood…even survive.

We’re taking this time not only to reflect on our blessings but on how we can embrace more understanding and learning as it relates to everything outside of ourselves. In all truth, that can be a struggle in and of itself but struggle is what this country was born from. There are struggles large and small going on all the time, but they are most certainly magnified now.

As we celebrate our independence, we are leveraging our independent thinking to determine how we make a greater contribution to the betterment of this shared experience we all have. 

There is nothing particularly special about it—we’re average people finding our path to a better way.

That’s freedom isn’t it?

P.S. Fireworks all around Jacksonville (if not suspended) courtesy of Covid 19—so that’s something to celebrate!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July

Florida is percolating!

System - Monday, June 15, 2020
Property Management Blog

So, it’s been a watershed week here in Florida, NE Florida in particular….

Two big announcements happened within days of each other

First Governor DeSantis signed legislation on affordable housing (HB 1339):

One of the most impactful aspects of the new law is that local governments can approve the development of affordable housing on any parcel zoned for residential, commercial or industrial use. Prior to this law, zoning restrictions limited where these projects could be built, often delaying their construction, and, in some cases, canceling them altogether.

Right on the heels of that came this:

Mayor Curry has assured the community that we will be prepared to receive out guests and keep everyone safe and healthy in the process. Needless to say, there have been mixed reactions/concerns. 

Have any thoughts about either of these 2 developments? We’d love to hear it!

Email and we’ll share it here!

Strife in the Time of Covid19

System - Monday, June 1, 2020
Property Management Blog

More than possibly any other time in our lives, there is so much to reflect on right now. 

This year we have had the losses of the past several months at the hands of Covid19 and the incredible sacrifices all of the essential service providers have made in caregiving & battling this virus.

We’ve had the wide sweeping closure (both temporary and possibly more permanent) of businesses in countless communities across the country. 

Our collective lives have been turned upside down—some more than others—and the impacts have been widespread. We continue to navigate a very unfamiliar landscape.

Now we’ve had the most recent events of this past week and there are no words to adequately address or characterize it but it must be solved and corrected.

We will re-evaluate and re-calibrate. We will find solutions. We will seek justice. 

Not only has it been inspiring to bear witness to the heroics of all the essential service providers but the day to day, neighborhood to neighborhood, person to person compassion demonstrated throughout this multi- faceted, ongoing crisis. It’s an incredibly bizarre dichotomy of sorts.

Now, more than ever, we’ll be reflecting on all those who have endured pain, disillusionment and—let’s just say it—injustice and how we can do better. 

Back in Business…. sort of!

System - Thursday, May 14, 2020
Property Management Blog

We all survived the slog through the month of April with mandated everything. Now, it appears, we are slowly “re-opening” the state of Florida and/or NE Florida—however you choose to view the situation.

For us, we were never “closed”—we simply adapted how we work to the mandates. It was challenging at times and not from an implementation standpoint…it was more of a behavioral adjustment but we made it work!

We used our hunker down time to get our updated web portal ready for launch. We learned how to integrate stopping the spread into our daily routines. Aside from frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, we’ve got gloves and masks added to our “uniform”. We’ve updated our operational protocols to Covid 19 standards as have virtually all of our vendors. We’re adapting.

Now, we can look forward to seeing some others get the relief they’ve been waiting on. The IRS site is fixed (sort of). We’re told unemployment is starting to flow. Businesses are seeing some funding coming in and most of all, limited and cautious re-engagement is happening!

Restaurants and retail can open with restrictions/limited capacity. It’s not ideal but it’s a start.  Let’s be good stewards of this progress and maintain our social distances, going out only when necessary. Let’s wear masks when asked or be prepared to be asked and comply. Let’s make this work!

Staying Focused

System - Thursday, April 16, 2020
Property Management Blog

It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain optimistic for many of us “regular” folks in the midst of the current situation….and by “regular” we mean hard working, rent/ mortgage and tax paying citizens…the ones who act responsibly and are just looking for the support we were promised in the midst of mandates. Relief money is allegedly running out before businesses can complete the application process. Unemployment sites crashing and applicants reduced to submitting paper, all while the weeks tick by. Stimulus checks MIA for many and the government site to track them not working. 

We ourselves can’t fix or control any of that so we’re focusing on what we can control. We’re keeping our owners and residents as informed as we can. We are spending a lot of time getting and staying informed so we can act on and pass on the knowledge. We’re tuning up our internal processes.

We’ve been working very diligently on a technology conversion that will greatly enhance our resident and owner’s access to comprehensive data with ease and improve the options for rental payment convenience.  It will be a mild disruption to the “norm” but hey, we’re all becoming expert at navigating that! Once past the learning curve, we are confident that it will be well worth the effort and we’ll look back and know that we invested this time wisely. 

We hope the next time we post this the circumstances will be well on their way to massively improved. Until then, we stay focused on sharpening our axes….

What in the World is Next?

System - Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Property Management Blog

Like anyone reading this, we’ve been absolutely knocked over by how this Covid 19 situation continues to unfold.  We are all wondering, daily, what will happen next?

We are doing our best to keep it together, assisting our residents and owners with information/resources, following CDC & WHO (as well as federal, state & local) guidelines about how to administrate our business and doing all we can to stay healthy and be available to serve our clients. No small order. 

Despite whatever tribulations we feel we’re enduring we know there are others facing larger challenges. 

We hope by diligently practicing social distancing we are helping contain the spread and not putting others at risk. We are thinking about all those that have already been affected and especially those who have lost the battle. 

We are thankful for all those who are on the front lines fighting the virus, keeping us safe and keeping us fed.

We are encouraged that the government took swift action and that relief, in its many forms, is on the way. We are doing all we can to be part of the coming together, overall effort that will survive past this crisis.  We are using this time to sharpen our axes and work on better processes, service delivery and value. 

It appears we have a long month ahead of us but one that might see us nearing the end of this seemingly endless road. We encourage everyone to stay the course, keep the faith and be safe & well. We’re in it together and will beat it together.

It’s Friday the 13th and….

System - Friday, March 13, 2020
Property Management Blog

The Corona virus frenzy has only intensified. We are starting to see real world impacts with events being canceled, schools closing on campus classes and the stock market going nuts. It feels, frankly, like mayhem.

This is one of those rather rare examples where we all are truly in this together. Whether you have been directly impacted yet or not, the shifts in normalcy are touching everyone in some way. Aside from following the health recommendations (frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer, disinfecting surfaces, not touching your face, avoiding contact—shall we go on?) and trying to remain calm by controlling what little we can, it may be an ideal time for introspection and reflection.

We take a lot for granted. We presume our health care providers will always be there and accessible to us. We think about protecting ourselves—but what about taking actions that protect others?

Doing our part to stay well so those that are already afflicted can be treated. Being sensitive to who we are putting ourselves in contact with that could be compromised if we technically don’t know our own status. It’s daunting, admittedly…..but if we all do our small part to be conscientious citizens and humans, we might just turn this situation around, together.

Coronavirus Mayhem!

System - Monday, March 2, 2020
Property Management Blog

So, we’ve been busy ….

We took a month off because February just kept getting more frantic!

Working on some improved internal processes, a lot of legislative activity and then….COVID19.

Yeah, this is consuming everyone’s thoughts as it makes its way around the world and the headlines get increasingly more worrisome.

Thankfully, we have a thoughtful travel agent at Travel Leaders who, based on our inquiries about upcoming travel, provided us this video that helps address questions & concerns.

We also found a couple of articles about to how best prepare which you can read in our resident newsletter for March, right here at FPMPROPERTIES.COM

Stay calm, stay vigilant and stay informed! Watch now!

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