Inquiring Minds Want to Know….

Inquiring Minds Want to Know….

In our world, they want to know what to expect and where the housing market is going. Tough to say with any certainty…but we’re doing what we can to educate and inform.

Mike just returned from San Antonio where he spent the week with approximately 600 brokers and owners from across the country. Here’s a bit of what is on their collective minds and what issues remain on the horizon:

  • Housing Availability and Affordability 
  • Inflation/Regulation
  • Delivering Owner Value & Advocacy 
  • Holding Investment Property

There will be challenges ahead—labor and materials costs have and are escalating, inventory is tight and legislation is always percolating. 

The good news? It is widely held that there will continue to be a good percentage of the population comprising “Renter Nation” so demand will not likely wane.

The upside is investment property, well managed, still delivers an average return of nineteen to as high as thirty five percent. How many other types of investment can deliver that?

At FPM Properties, we’re working with owners to evaluate and identify investment property acquisition or how to best leverage current investment property. We’re taking the time to assess all possible actions and outcomes as holding investment property can deliver infinite return and doesn’t generate the same tax implications as a sale. 

We’re focusing on more ways we can deliver value, including our very active involvement in advocacy and legislative activity. We’re tracking evolving issues and actively responding on a local, state and national level. 

We’re staying in tune with “Renter Nation” to anticipate and address their issues when and where we can as they are an important part of the equation. 

We’re investment property owners too—so we live this daily and face the same dynamics as our clients. We truly have a vested interest in addressing owner’s challenges because they are ours as well. 

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