YES, It’s Been Scary….

YES, It’s Been Scary….

If you’re anything like us, you are looking forward to putting 2020 in the rear view. We’re now in the 4th quarter of this game from hell; let’s finish with a victory—whatever that looks like!

We (the human race) are still creating words to attempt to adequately characterize what this year has been like.  Now we’re also headed into a contentious U.S. election cycle. Is there anything more 2020 can bestow upon us?

It’s been a journey for sure.  We were collectively asked to make some uncomfortable adjustments; many still linger.

For those of us blessed enough to still be here, we should reflect on that with some measure of reverence and gratitude. All of us have had to tap into reservoirs of patience we weren’t sure we even had. Yes, there has been heinous behavior along the way but by and large, we’ve mostly overcome these various blows and can perhaps reflect on what we’ve learned in order to look forward. 

We’re taking inventory, both literally and figuratively and expect to have a lot to share heading into the holiday season and traditional period of thanksgiving. We’re making our list and plan to share it this Thanksgiving.

There have been numerous small victories to celebrate while running the 2020 gauntlet….

Oh, and Happy Halloween—nothing can be scarier than what it took to get this far!

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