Review or Rant?

Review or Rant?

Like a lot of property management companies, we take (metaphorical) body blows occasionally over the outcomes of renting properties. Regardless of what you might read (and how qualified those sources may or may not be), professional property managers cannot control all aspects in a rental situation but DO follow processes and adhere to laws.

These processes are communicated up front to our residents and owners and include references to the laws and statutes we are required to follow.

As is the case in many situations and/or industries, the one thing we cannot exercise control over is human behavior and the resulting decision making.  We qualify residents according to requirements and rental criteria. We do not and cannot control lifestyle choices or circumstances. 

When there is a complaint or discontent, it is frequently the result of our refusal to circumvent or side step said statutes, requirements or laws.

So, when you read a rant about us or any professional property management company, refer to the above and consider getting both sides of the story before drawing conclusions. We’re happy to answer any questions about how we work and why.

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