NEFAR Realtor of the Year 2020

NEFAR Realtor of the Year 2020

So just about a week ago it was announced that our Broker, Mike Hodges, was named Northeast Florida Association of Realtors Realtor® of the Year for 2020. We have to comment on this!

Of course, this is a bit biased but hey, it’s our site so we can brag on him. Take it from the people who work with him every (literally, a lot of the time) day—this is well deserved.

Yes, Mike is a property manager (with distinction of MPM®) and a community association manager but he is first and foremost a licensed Broker/Realtor®.

No one takes being a Broker/Realtor® more seriously than Mike. We think the fact that he feels so strongly about continuing education as well as gaining new knowledge probably positioned him over time to be worthy of this honor. 

Hard working? Yes. Dedicated? Definitely.  Knows his stuff? Absolutely. We could come up with so many superlatives that accurately describe Mike but if we had to choose just one word to focus on…….

Integrity. He knows the laws and the professional standards and embraces them. Follows them.  Requires his colleagues to do the same. 

We think NEFAR knows their stuff too---they made an excellent and worthy choice for 2020!

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