Designations—It IS Something to Care About

Designations—It IS Something to Care About

So, in a follow up to why we made the case for the significance of designations, here’s a quick “real world” way to think about it:

Real estate transactions of any kind can be (and typically are) emotional experiences. They typically involve large sums of money (and the dollar amount doesn’t matter; the numbers are typically big to whoever is involved), require multiple parties to cooperate and seemingly endless steps to conclusion. A lot can happen along the way.

Most recently we’ve seen an increase in having to overcome obstacles from buyer financing as well as (in the past year) the pandemic and storms that shut down banks and other business entities. Those are hiccups that frequently aren’t easily resolved—especially when the clock is ticking. 

This is why you need to make sure you have an agent that can take control of the situation and navigate a difficult transaction. That agent usually has pursued additional education and training beyond their license. They get those intriguing letters after their names like GRI or SRS or are called Realtor® or Broker.  

An experienced, credentialled professional is uniquely prepared to navigate even the uncharted waters of today’s real estate transactions.

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