A Higher Standard in Jacksonville Property Management

A Higher Standard in Jacksonville Property Management


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Welcome to First Place Management, Inc., Northeast Florida's premier residential property management firm. Our commitment is to care for your property as if it were our own and ensure that you can be confident that it is well maintained and your asset is protected. With 50 years of professional business experience, this contributes to making us an industry leader. Due to the evolutionary nature of the industry today, our commitment to ongoing industry education and certification further ensures the protection of your asset to the benefit of both owner and resident.

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Why lease signings with your property management company are so important

jeannie fredrick - Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When it comes to leases, at First Place Management we don’t mess around. All our leases are attorney drawn to be in complete compliance with all current laws. We want to make sure you completely understand what you are signing, for the protection of all parties. 

Here’s 5 areas that we discuss during this meeting.
  1. Responsibilities of the Resident and Landlord – Nothing is left to chance. We aim to educate you to the best of our ability to make sure you understand your responsibilities and are made aware of the obligations of the Landlord. 
  2. Maintenance requests and the process – Every business should have a system in place and we do. We have perfected the maintenance request process to give you the easiest and quickest service that we can.  If you experience a problem with your property, we want to be able to act fast to solve your issue. There are circumstances that arise requiring two estimates to be obtained for our Landlords. 
  3. Rent payments – We don’t assume that you know when the rent is due or when it will be considered late causing penalties. At First Place Management, we also want to make it simple to pay your rent, by offering online payments.  We will explain the entire process to you.
  4. Move in and move out process - To accurately record the condition of the property, whether it be prior to moving in, or when you are moving out, we video each room and electronically record any notations. Again, this protects you and the landlord.
  5. Unusual items associated with the rental – No home is alike and we want to make sure that you understand the details of the property you are renting. For instance, there may be appliances that are “as is,” meaning if they break they won’t be replaced. We would want you to know this up front so there are no surprises. 
First Place Management prides itself on transparency. We want both our Residents and Landlords to have the best experience possible. Simply said by explaining all the details at the lease signing, we can meet the expectations for all parties. Call First Place Management today at 904-246-1200! 

Is gray the new white?

jeannie fredrick - Tuesday, May 31, 2016
When it comes to rentals, is gray the new white?

According to House Beautiful, gray is one of the top colors for 2016. But how does that translate to rentals? 

Gray, considered a neutral, can be paired effectively with almost any color to give the tenant a desired neutral backdrop to look classic and contemporary. While using institutional white is a constant reminder to tenants that they are renting, it seems to be the go-to color for landlords, simply because its neutral color will go with any décor. However, by adding a soft gray or even light blue, a feeling of luxury or sophistication is sensed.

In a Better Homes and Gardens color survey, 57% of those participating said their walls are neutral, while 43% claim to have a non-neutral paint scheme in their home. One reason 40% the participants say they keep the neutral palate is because they believe they’ll grow tired of a brighter color. Another 29% are fearful that it would just be too bold to use anything other than a variety of white. Of those that like bright colors, there were some considered off limits. The top color the respondents were least likely to use in their home is orange followed by black and violet. 

Once a color is determined, it seems that the respondents were apt to wait more than 5 years to repaint and most likely would change the color. 

As for rentals, gray seems to be a color that can hide minor blemishes and allowing tenants the feeling of a more permanent residence. 

As a landlord, if you just can’t bring yourself to paint anything other than white, consider an antique white. 

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